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audio mess.

a jrock audio + video sharing community

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Welcome to audio mess., a jrock audio + video sharing community. You've all seen places that only allow a few select people to share files, right? Here anyone who wants can share, request & download. All you need to do is read the rules and join.

Of course, there are a few rules before you can get going.
01. All posts here are friends only. If you want to download off others, join the community so we know who's here. Membership is open.
02. Only post & request (yes, requests are welcome) jrock music. No jpop, no Pakistani or Canadian rock, only jrock. Share however much/little you want at once, whenever.
03. If you're downloading, try to comment on the post. Feedback = happy everyone.
04. Delete the mp3s after 24 hours & support the artists, blah blah. But, no one does that. ;D
Use common sense here like you would anywhere else, ok? This community is here so that everyone can share & be introduced to new music. If you would like to share files but don't know where to host them, you can easily get a yahoo mail account and mail them to it, yousendit.com is good as well for videos.
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